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Перевод слова

Перевод: consume speek consume

истреблять; уничтожать; пожирать (об огне); потреблять; расходовать; съедать; поглощать; расточать; быть снедаемым; чахнуть


  1. Your daily portion of Fibre-Filler provides 15g of dietary fibre, which is more than many Britons normally consume in a day.
  2. It must be tight-fitting but at the same time easy to remove, for as the caterpillars grow they will consume enormous amounts of nettles.
  3. HEAT PUMPS turn out more usable energy than they consume - but their impact on Britain's homes has fallen short of what many pundits predicted.
  4. "It is far cheaper to address the needs of poor people than to ignore them, since poor people consume far less" - less, that is, than those who now use the lion's share of energy.
  5. Dioxins get into mothers' milk through contaminated food and as babies consume large quantities relative to their body weight, their intake is temporarily very high.
  6. Furthermore, the goods they consume, from food to furniture, are either currently produced by informal sector artisans, or have the potential to be produced in this way.
  7. Many people could easily consume a full can, diluted, during a thirsty summer day, and it would have little if any effect in reducing an appetite for solid food.
  8. They consume nearly one-fifth of the village's firewood.
  9. It is difficult for low-income LDCs to generate a high level of savings due to the subsistence nature of agriculture and the high propensity (desire) to consume - a vicious poverty circle exists.
  10. One of the arguments that the motor industry presented against catalytic converters was the fact that cars fitted with them do consume marginally more fuel, which raises expenditure and is ecologically unsound.
  11. But if cancer wasn't to consume me, mentally as well as physically, then something else must also share my mind.
  12. Served in tubs, they're easy to consume.
  13. Somehow the country has managed to consume more energy per capita than anywhere else other than rich (and notoriously thriftless) Canada and the United States and at the same time plunge into a state close to bankruptcy.

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