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Перевод слова

Перевод: consider speek consider

рассматривать; обсуждать; обдумывать; вдуматься; сообразить; принимать во внимание; учитывать; полагать; считать; счесть; проявлять уважение; считаться; посчитаться; посчитать; рассудить


  1. This paper stressed the need to make plans for children based on a realistic assessment of whether or not rehabilitation with the natural family is possible and to consider the purpose of parental contact and its effects on the child.
  2. We consider the real image term first.
  3. "Consider it done.
  4. To show this, consider an individual for whom w is 0.5 and suppose that the individual's expected rate of inflation for this year was 8 per cent, but that the actual rate is 16 per cent.
  5. As Laurence Martin has said: "It is impossible to refute entirely the criticism that the various strategies of limitation may appear to make the world safe for nuclear warfare and thereby hasten its onset"; but he concluded: "The proper question may therefore be not, should we contemplate limited nuclear war, but, should we consider the ways of limiting the nuclear war which is henceforth always a possibility" (Howard, 1979, pp. 119 and 120).
  6. "Equally we want to speak to anyone who may have rented out property recently in what they consider to be suspicious or somewhat unusual circumstances," said a Scotland Yard spokesman.
  7. With the Royal Academy's survey of Sickert's oil paintings opening later this month, the Camden Town connoisseur should consider the following investments:
  8. After he'd gone Dad said he would consider what Mr Vulcan had said but I knew already what I wanted and I knew Dad wouldn't object.
  9. Consider the size, structure and special features of the hotel and what special type of event it could lend itself to, e.g. mediaeval banquets etc.
  10. Another way of expressing the "tension" that racked Paul VI is to consider him as the heir of Pius XII and John XXIII.
  11. Such a theory would seem to support the notion of two distinct orientations of dramatic playing and performing, but Stanislavsky's theory of acting seems to embrace both modes, leading us to consider the model as dialectic , each mode containing the seed of its opposite.
  12. Five elements we consider important extras.
  13. But it is well known that the provision of advice services nationally is uneven and as the best.known generalist advice agency, the CAB feels that it would be failing the wider community if it did not consider what barriers may be preventing people from approaching a CAB for advice.

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