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Перевод слова

Перевод: consequence speek consequence

следствие; последствие; вывод ; заключение; значение; важность ; влиятельность ; влиятельное положение


  1. Particularly after 1982 they had no independent power base, no military forces of any consequence on Israel's borders, no diplomatic position in the West and no apparent way of halting Israel's integration of the occupied territories into the Israeli state.
  2. Secondly, responsibility in such plants becomes decentralised as a consequence of the firm's dependence on the worker's use of his initiative.
  3. In consequence it is becoming increasingly accepted that not only does the anthropologist have his own social history and subjective stance, but more importantly, that those accounts which ignore this seem to lose something in the telling.
  4. A logical consequence occurs when the parent intervenes and (in the example above) removes the toy while indicating that the child has "chosen" or decided to play without the toy for a specified period of time because of his or her actions (it is a form of response-cost).
  5. The third consequence of a bottlenecked life history is a genetic one.
  6. The annual celebration of the "World day of the Sick", therefore, has the manifest purpose of making the People of God and, as a consequence, the many Catholic health care institutions and civil society itself, more aware of the necessity of ensuring the best possible care for the infirm; of helping the sick person to make the most of suffering, on the human level, but most of all on the supernatural one; of especially helping the dioceses, Christian communities and religious families to be involved in the health care of apostolate; of enhancing the ever more valuable commitment of volunteers; or reminding people of the importance of the spiritual and moral training of health care workers, and last of all of creating a better understanding of the importance of religious care for the sick among diocesan and religious priests, as well as among those who live and work at the side of the person in pain.
  7. If you have a cat and you let it walk around the countryside rather than confine it in your house; what is the consequence?
  8. The consequence, for me at least, was that I reckoned that the earthquake account for 1992 had, so to speak, been settled, and that we were in the clear for a year or so.
  9. As a consequence, the uppermost part of the formation was subjected to a more intense phase of leaching than the underlying cycles and this has resulted in the development of higher porosities and permeabilities of up to 10% and 400 mD respectively.
  10. As a consequence, Sayers introduced the concept of metal straps between alternate segments which allowed the achievement of still greater power at efficiencies of some 50 per cent.
  11. It is remarkable that the present Government have never reflected upon the great increase in public expenditure, and the substantial change in its pattern, which has come about during the past five years in consequence of their policies in the field of the social services.
  12. But Huxley did envisage that selection acted on genes that had more than one effect on the form (morphology) of an animal, so that although the large body size would be adaptive, the extra large antlers were simply a consequence of prolonged growth.
  13. All three spoke as though the moment were of no real consequence, but I know that for Mother and for O at least it must have been a strange and moving moment.

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