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Перевод слова

Перевод: consciousness speek consciousness

сознание; память ; понимание; сознательность ; самосознание


  1. This qualitativeness - the "manifest image of the world" - is irreducibly connected with what experience is subjectively like, and it is part of what is lost if consciousness is analysed away or otherwise abandoned.
  2. Arab national consciousness was profoundly shaken by the ease with which the fledgeling State of Israel defied and defeated the Arab world in 1945.
  3. However, one must realise that religion, law, rule and learning were fused together in the consciousness of the eighth and ninth centuries.
  4. False consciousness is usually referred to by Marx by the term "ideology" and that is how the word will be used in this book.
  5. This in turn opens up some fascinating questions about the role of consciousness itself in memory and perception.
  6. The historical consciousness of Ulster protestants in this sphere is also a faith consciousness.
  7. If we accept that the narrative discourse represents the consciousness of the unnamed "jealous husband" of the woman known as A, then the ambiguities and contradictions in the text can be related to this narrator's obsessive fascination with the possibility of his wife's adultery.
  8. These questions included: "I want to know how to increase provision for young people at risk in my organisation to raise consciousness about young people on the agenda of my church to change the attitude of Christians to that of the discipline of compassion."
  9. If the patient is unconscious and will never regain consciousness, or is suffering from a progressive or fatal illness, then the respirator must be seen as heroic treatment and may be turned off, as in the case of Karen Quinlan, when it is no longer of any lasting benefit.
  10. The Arab states, on the other hand, were devastated by the scale of their loss and this profoundly affected their political consciousness.
  11. In consciousness alone is it possible to confront at least some empirical properties and apprehend them directly, and if consciousness is analysed in terms of some purely non-mental notion this grasp is lost; just as, in the analysis of thought, if the irreducible generality of thought is analysed away, our ability to think and refer is wished away with it.
  12. It does not enable us to say anything directly about the nature of consciousness.
  13. (This implies of course that consciousness in animals is a hypothesis for which there can be no evidence at all unless we resort to anthropomorphism, which we usually do.)

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