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Перевод слова

Перевод: conscious speek conscious

сознающий; понимающий; сознательный; ощущающий; находящийся в сознании; здравый


  1. We seem to need to get a sufficient daily quota of conscious relaxation and pleasure from our food, and obviously this occurs while the food is in the mouth.
  2. The reason why this book has not yet been written is that conscious experience of the presence and life of the Spirit among contemporary Christians is so thin and weak and hampered that conditions do not exist in which anyone can write with full-blooded conviction on the subject.
  3. Fortunately, however, they knew enough about Dawn's condition to question the neurosurgeon closely when he described how Dawn would be fully conscious throughout the operation so that he could identify the damaged brain cells which were causing the spasticity, in order to destroy them.
  4. The origin of this very basic and particularly European way of thought lies in the experience that I appear to exist as a conscious entity within my body, and yet remain distinguishable from my body.
  5. From as young as ten I was very conscious of having fat thighs.
  6. If anything Peter is more conscious of looking after the other guys.
  7. John Pople, like the rest of the quantum community, is conscious of the shortcomings of quantum mechanics and he thinks that exact solutions to the Schrdinger equation for many-electron systems are unlikely to appear for many decades.
  8. Mr Duroselle is cataloguing, first, a tendency for Europeans to be more similar than they are different, although their very diversity is what marks them out; and second, the various aspirations - if not actual attempts - to bring Europeans into conscious, and voluntary, union.
  9. I was scarcely conscious but Pat helped me out of the machine and as the dinghy hadn't emerged after the ditching we had to swim about 250 yards to the beach.
  10. They are all conscious thoughts and once you have experimented with them you'll be able to adopt your favourites or replace them with your own.
  11. The dunnock probably has no conscious awareness of its long-term best interests, so it is even easier to understand that its nervous system might find certain kinds of stimulation irresistible.
  12. Now I was conscious of Aisha's words when we stood together in the storeroom and she tried to dissuade me from going to London: "Go alone to London without an aunt or a husband or your mother and they'll say you've sold your soul.
  13. Hopkins played nicely to the crowds too, although it was hard to figure out if it was conscious manipulation or the unconscious product of his enthusiasm.

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