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Перевод слова

Перевод: congratulate speek congratulate



  1. I'd also like to congratulate you on the exceptional photographs in the Stephen Hawking article which were both honest and deeply moving.
  2. We wish to congratulate and encourage you for this humanitarian act, so praiseworthy, and urge you to persevere in this work of salvation.
  3. We congratulate her on this remarkable feat.
  4. Well, he didn't mention Niki, he didn't congratulate him, embrace him, he didn't hand him so much as a crumb.
  5. " I just want to congratulate and thank everyone in this room tonight for all they have done to bring this moment to reality."
  6. Sor de Naves, here with his brother, had also bowed to Primaflora at her table and had taken the chance, stopping Nicholas, to congratulate him on his marriage.
  7. Might I congratulate you on the birth of Henry, or Harry as I notice he is to be called from the announcement in the papers.
  8. She was frightened that Phoebe would respond to this news with excessive enthusiasm, congratulate her, want to celebrate in some humiliating way, even ring her friends and tell them.
  9. Abse is most emphatic that mothers should congratulate children on their first excretions, and praise the resulting faeces.
  10. You can set yourself a maximum bid, having viewed the fish beforehand, and can congratulate yourself if you get it for less.
  11. As a member of the Gabriela Sabatini fan club, I would like to congratulate Gaby on her wins this year and how wonderful she looks as well, her clothing by Sergio Tacchini is ace and I love her racket.
  12. He also found out that a delegation of architects was being organized to congratulate Palmerston on his classical stance.
  13. How natural to bask in the luxury of Concorde, congratulate herself on a triumphant trip, sip a glass of champagne and forget what she had seen.

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