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Перевод слова

Перевод: confuse speek confuse

смущать; приводить в замешательство; сбивать с толку; помрачать сознание; смешивать; спутывать; создавать путаницу; приводить в беспорядок


  1. The defence is too frequent, passionate and uncompromising to suggest that it was all a short-term tactic to confuse.
  2. Do not confuse yourself.
  3. A philosophical theory is essentially a reflection on a practice, and the first-person perspective expresses engagement in the practice: to apply the theory first-personally is to confuse levels.
  4. Do not scold and then pet a short time later as this will only confuse him.
  5. However, it is easy to confuse intolerance with anxiety or lack of cooperation.
  6. Just as the magician fools his audience with his sleight of hand, so deflection displays confuse the pouncing predator by sending him false signals.
  7. Don't confuse the environment with the wider systems of interest , which, although providing inputs and receiving outputs, exercise control over the system being considered, normally by setting the standards, rules and so on; additionally, the wider system often provides the resources that are used by the subject system.
  8. It is a high recommendation for a tropical island; but don't let the title confuse your geography.
  9. It would also be wise to assume that by now the Russians know all about this technology and can, when necessary, not only match it but confuse it.
  10. She was apt to confuse the past with the present, talking of events that had happened forty or fifty years ago as though they had happened only the day before.
  11. This will help us not to confuse physical pleasure with true happiness or the spiritual reality of joy.
  12. But don't confuse "Treble" with "Treble Boost".
  13. Don't confuse it with P. ornatus , which is small and peaceful.

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