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Перевод слова

Перевод: confirm speek confirm

подтверждать; утверждать; утвердить; ратифицировать; подкреплять; закреплять; конфирмовать; поддерживать


  1. However there are a number of important controlling factors: firstly, the subject fixates centrally (usually he has to report a digit which is presented in order to confirm this central fixation); secondly, the stimulus is exposed for less than 200 milliseconds to avoid eye movement; thirdly, the visual angle of the stimuli from the fixation point should be between 2.5 and 5 (otherwise, confounding effects occur).
  2. This serves only to confirm and reinforce the illness.
  3. This may confirm Joan's fear of greed and make it more frightening for her to know about her own.
  4. This necessarily brief account has concentrated on the debate over the retirement condition between 1908 and 1948, and the curious "complicity" of the labour movement in demanding a measure that was to confirm the economic uselessness of old people.
  5. (A glance at the index of just about any reputable general text-book of modern Russian history will confirm this.)
  6. Clark then wrote up the experiment, which appeared to confirm his initial brainwave, and submitted it to Nature .
  7. It made it easier for workers to appreciate the potential power of strike action: statistics confirm that the larger the plant the greater was the propensity to strike.
  8. Clive liked to hurt people as much as the next person, felt the need to confirm his power over others, but Mr Skinner was a specialist, an expert.
  9. A two-chamber federal parliament would confirm these appointments.
  10. You can't always be sure your cycle is regular - so if you test on the day your period's due, you should confirm the result after three days.
  11. Above all, the association of low Os with low Nd seems to confirm that a trace-element-rich portion of the mantle lithosphere is involved in the formation of these basalts.
  12. Major Vine, thus unable to confirm or deny the sound which had so alarmed his Colonel, merely offered a bad-tempered scowl as a reply, so Colonel Ford looked past him to seek the opinion of the Captain of his light company.

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