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Перевод слова

Перевод: confession speek confession

признание; исповедь ; вероисповедание


  1. I have a theory that most people believe that they are shy and you hear the most extraordinarily extrovert people being interviewed on television and radio and confession they are really shy!
  2. In his third year (1925-;6) he went to private confession for the first time.
  3. Had it not been for Goleniewski's information, which the court could not be told about, Blake would never have been caught and because Goleniewski could not have given evidence without Blake's confession he could not have been brought to trial.
  4. Words with which he hoped to defend himself against imagined conspiracies, actual confession, real Guilts, and words that would too explicitly, too protestingly deny too much of the substance of his own present thoughts as he looked at the girl and his own former behaviour with many, many more of her kind.
  5. Raskolnikov turns to Sonya; "it was to her, Sonya, that he first went with his confession; when he felt the need of a human being, he sought the human being in her" - which does indeed isolate for a moment, and emphasize, the mystic business of his alienation from the human family; and for this moment the dross (as it were) of Sonya and of Raskolnikov is withheld; the god in his humanity is looking for the god in hers.
  6. Or do they say that, because the police behaved badly, the confession is, as a result, unreliable or unfair and it should not therefore be entered in evidence?
  7. The issue becomes especially important where, as a result of questioning, and without the benefit of the correct conditions or the advice from the solicitor, access to whom has been wrongly denied, the suspect makes a damaging confession which the police later try to rely upon at the trial in order to secure a conviction.
  8. I would wager that he goes so far as to say that I broke down in his room, stuttering out the words of my so-called confession between chokes and tears, unable to speak properly.
  9. So the idea of Raskolnikov's "Confession" ran into the ground.
  10. So far as confession evidence is concerned, the old law emphasized that, to be capable of being entered in evidence, a confession had to be obtained "voluntarily".
  11. A man was actually charged with the crime at a Glasgow police station after walking in out of the blue and making a confession.
  12. Based on the true-life confession of a Mafia bit player, it dramatises the story of his criminal career from neighbourhood racketeering to drug-crazed ruin.
  13. It is not Naipaul's; it does not constitute the author's testament or confession on the subject of race relations and the rest of it.

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