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Перевод слова

Перевод: commune speek commune

община ; коммуна ;
беседовать интимно; беседовать; общаться


  1. In the wake of this defeat Como utterly destroyed the commune from Isola Comacina that held Lake Como for Milan.
  2. The simple translation is, first, that the 750m people in the countryside, including 90m who work in what amount to private factories, cannot be sent back to the commune, however much China's old-guard ideologues might wish.
  3. "A commune is the tumult of the people, the terror of the realm, the tepidity of the priesthood" - such was the cry of the chronicler Richard of Devizes, as he took shelter in the cathedral priory at Winchester, and contemplated from afar the commune of London of the 1190s.
  4. A leading Slovene politician, Joe Smole, who has held many high positions, including a period as governor of the National Bank and another as federal minister of finance, maintained ( Politika , 25 August 1987) that the directors of Agrokomerc would not have issued such a large number of uncovered bills of exchange without the approval of the local commune, the Biha bank, the Associated Banks of Sarajevo, the National Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Social Accounting Service of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  5. The agitation section of the town's Communist Party committee decided, or rather passed on a directive probably originating in Moscow, that the Paris Commune of 1871 should be celebrated on 18 March.
  6. In the following village by village assessment of the famous grands and premiers crus of Champagne, I express my opinion on the merits and demerits of the major vineyards within each commune.
  7. Named after the mansion in Wuthering Heights , this is a desolate agricultural commune run by Jimmy Ahmed, back from London, where he has been in some vague way a celebrity.
  8. The canons had built a lofty tower on the north side of Sant'Ambrogio, and the monks and the commune formed an alliance to destroy it.
  9. The commune attempts to enact its own solidarity through rituals (group sex, baseball, potlatch, etc.), apparently trying to stave off the threats of such hostile outside forces as truckers and bikers.
  10. Does tha live in a commune?
  11. And he took no pleasure in his food, neither could he sleep by night, nor would he lift up his eyes from the ground, nor stir out of his house, nor commune with his friends, but turned from them in silence as if the breath of his shame would taint them.
  12. Below these slopes, north of the village and on various plots scattered throughout the commune, the vines are not as well sited, but they provide wines outshining other premiers crus.
  13. In his three-field system only investment in land really counted, and the commune, not the individual, controlled most forms of capital.

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