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Перевод: common speek common

общий; общественный; общинный; публичный; распространенный; общепринятый; частый; банальный; обыкновенный; обычный; простой; заурядный; бытовой; рядовой; грубый; вульгарный; дурно сделанный;
общинная земля; выгон ; общее; право на общественное пользование землей; здравый смысл; пустырь


  1. Tetanus is more common in the developing and warmer countries than in the UK.
  2. So symptoms that are common and occur in most or all cases of that type of complaint are useless when selecting a remedy, for example, nausea worse for eating, pains worse for touching the sore part, dry mouth with thirst.
  3. The existing common law on breach of the peace has been continuously expanded so that it now adds greatly to the non-statutory powers of the police to restrict peaceful assembly (see Chapter 4).
  4. Objection should not be objection by implication or common usage.
  5. suggesting common objectives in an even-handed way, ie that favour what they want to achieve at least as much as what you want to achieve.
  6. Status. - Scarce and local breeding species; common winter visitor; probably regular passage migrant.
  7. Common grazings played an important part in most farm enterprises: on average only 6% of the farm was owned by the farmer/crofter.
  8. Sutcliffe tapped the side of his long nose with his index finger as he uttered these words, dislodging his spectacles and causing them to crash into his tea-cup - for this conversation took place in the Senior Common Room, not long after Robyn's arrival at Rummidge.
  9. It is a common leftist belief that poetry is an "litist" mode, precisely because of the cultural literacy it presupposes, which gives an unfair advantage to students from middle-class homes with books.
  10. Each party receives a reward that is dependent on the reward the other parties receive; there is a common interest.
  11. The Common People by J.F.C. Harrison (London 1984) is also relevant.
  12. Find topics of (more or less) common interest
  13. On the ground floor (below the basin water level, incidentally) solid oak tables and benches in the centre of the atrium space offer common working/discussion areas.

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