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Перевод: commission speek commission

доверенность ; полномочие; поручение; заказ ; комиссионное вознаграждение; комиссионные ; комиссионная продажа; комиссия ; патент на офицерский чин; патент на звание мирового судьи; совершение; вооружение; введение в строй судна;
уполномочивать; поручать; давать поручение; назначать на должность; давать заказ; подготавливать корабль к плаванию; укомплектовывать личным составом; назначать командира корабля


  1. In 1981 a leaked memo from the Chief Medical Officer at the DHSS warned of the dangers to young children's intelligence posed by lead in petrol, and in 1983 a Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution published a strong recommendation that immediate action should be taken to remove lead from petrol.
  2. The budget of the Equal Opportunities Commission has been cut in real terms during recent years; the report says: "equal opportunity remains only an ideal".
  3. Labour's Quality Commission would replace the Audit Commission.
  4. How to deal with the Commission
  5. The Commission adopted interim measures for the first time in June 1991 in respect of aids granted to the French betting monopoly in the case referred to in the case study on pp. 238 - 43.
  6. The massive effort of the 1970s Royal Commission is to be followed by yet another enquiry.
  7. Japan was a member of the League and a Commission of Inquiry, set up by the League, investigated and its report criticized Japan, who then left the league, on 27th, March 1933.
  8. The commission wants Britain to build sewage works at the seaside to treat bacteria before it is pumped into the sea.
  9. The Commission is planning a last-ditch battle to defend tax proposals which it considers essential for completion of the 1992 internal market programme.
  10. Thus the Commission has to determine the relevant geographic market.
  11. The Commission has given some guidance on how to distinguish between cooperative and concentrative operations in a published notice.
  12. The European Community is to scrap quotas on Japanese car imports in return for greater openness in Japanese markets, the commission said yesterday..
  13. If they are dissatisfied with the school or education authority, they will be able to call in the Education Standards Commission and get action taken.

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