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Перевод слова

Перевод: commerce speek commerce

торговля ; оптовая торговля; коммерция ; общение


  1. Families, commerce and industry need heat, light and power at prices they can afford.
  2. It is interesting and perhaps unusual that it developed first in politics but now is used more and more in commerce and industry.
  3. Deeper and deeper was the basic recession message in the British Chambers of Commerce quarterly economic survey.
  4. He heads a new "super-ministry", covering industry, foreign trade, post and telecommunications, commerce and the budget, as well as economy and finance.
  5. " Streamline has been in regular use at the Chambre de Commerce since the early 1980's.
  6. So, caught between a burgeoning rock and roll infrastructure that highlights Irish rock and roll as industry, and a musical community that puts most of its faith in trad values, Dublin enters the Nineties as meeting place of commerce and culture.
  7. Commerce .
  8. Little did the other helpers know that I had had real experience in the world of commerce outside.
  9. The Harappan civilization of the Indus Valley has also provided evidence of highly advanced technology, city planning, social structure, commerce and maritime activity dating back to 4000BC.
  10. He is also trying to finish a commerce degree at university, but the remarkable series of events which has seen South Africa catapulted into the cricketing limelight means that studies might have to take a back seat for at least 1992.
  11. Part of the reason was a growing belief in the power of scientific thinking to improve trade and commerce.
  12. By the time I reentered, the guests were in open debate, and the discussion - with much talk of commerce and interest rates - was quite beyond me.
  13. wheels of commerce Lubricate machinery

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