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Перевод слова

Перевод: coma speek coma

кома ; коматозное состояние; крона дерева; оболочка кометы


  1. The coma's very deep.
  2. We know now that someone in a coma may still hear and react emotionally when they are nursed and that how they are treated and spoken to may affect their recovery.
  3. Mrs Fanshawe had regained consciousness in Stowerton Royal Infirmary after her six-week-long coma.
  4. Just as they cannot cope with the nutritional inferiority of a vegetarian diet, so they find it hard to deal with even a moderate dose of alcohol and may start to vomit, collapse or even go into a coma.
  5. Proving ignorance of facts that one might or might not have known is impossible, unless one has been in a well-documented coma.
  6. Before yesterday's operation she spent three days in a deep coma as a result of liver failure.
  7. It was more, she blinked her eyes, as if roused out of a coma.
  8. Drowsiness or confusion - coma
  9. The Coma report recommends a general cut in sugar consumption and a substitution of fruit, vegetables and starchy foods.
  10. She paused and then added, "Unfortunately he's in a coma."
  11. There are defects, the most obvious being the inconvenience of daily injections, the relatively crude control they provide (sometimes resulting in coma) and long-term damage to organs, including eyes and kidneys.
  12. "At the end we were at her bedside and she couldn't really speak - she was slipping in and out of coma - but she was able to squeeze my hand.
  13. It was a wonder she wasn't in a coma.

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