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Перевод слова

Перевод: cocoon speek cocoon

кокон ; шелковичный кокон;
делать кокон; закутывать; ставить на консервацию; откладывать про запас


  1. The monstrous arrogance of a Henry VIII, the pathological need for flattery of an Elizabeth, may suggest that this was a side of kingship which was in danger of taking monarchs out of touch with reality, as they wound themselves into a cocoon of adulation.
  2. He lived in a cocoon of self justification.
  3. The motive for sheltering within this cocoon is not cowardice.
  4. Golf: Feherty to spin himself a cocoon
  5. Leeds broke out of their defensive cocoon midway through the first half for Jones to win the match by meeting Mike Whitlow's centre from the left at the near post and flicking it across Phil Parkes into the opposite corner.
  6. The trouble with you is, he said, that you've grown fat in your little cocoon here in London, cut off from the realities of the world.
  7. He left his cocoon of warmth, closing the folds behind him so that the damp chill of the room would not invade his secret place during his absence.
  8. Now, she felt, I am suddenly old, and I would like to crawl back into my cocoon of bedclothes and sleep and sleep, for what else is there?
  9. But the journey in the guard's van like lost luggage had exhausted her, so she didn't protest about going straight up with Loopy Lil, being changed into one of Mrs Hollidaye's pink flannel nightgowns and tucked into a cocoon of pillows with a hot stone bottle wrapped in a worn silk vest at her feet.
  10. But it does indicate the extent to which Mary's cushioned childhood created not only a cocoon of adulation, but a cocoon of immaturity which she seemed remarkably reluctant to pierce.
  11. But this was not the whole story; for there were people all too anxious to pierce that cocoon.
  12. Will the state promote sport as a safe, numbing kind of nationalistic cocoon for healthy, obedient citizens?
  13. A silkworm - actually the caterpillar of the silk moth - will spin the cocoon that can yield an astonishing 800 metres of pure silk only if it is fed leaves from the white mulberry tree.

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