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Перевод слова

Перевод: coat speek coat

пиджак ; френч ; китель ; мех ; мундир ; пальто; верхнее платье; шерсть ; шубка ; оперение; оболочка ; плева ; покров ; слой ; покровный слой; грунт ; обкладка ; обшивка ; облицовка ;
покрывать; крыть; обмазать; облицовывать


  1. It was made of the same material as the coat.
  2. Reluctantly, the great golden beast left his excavation and pushed back through the reeds - pausing only to shake the dirt from his coat.
  3. By the time the train arrived in Madrid the Arabs had stolen my coat.
  4. She'd be tucked beneath the blanket and the heavy coat and watching Gloria put on her make-up before she went out.
  5. Then prime and undercoat the bare wood and put on one top coat to finish the job.
  6. As if she'd been wearing a coat of many many colours, and, beached on the desert island shore of Pity Me, had shredded the damn shrunken thing.
  7. As Joe watched her put on her coat and hat he experienced a keen sense of disappointment, for he was realising it had been in his mind to escort her to work.
  8. Somehow it sounds even more so coming from a ballerina sitting in full-length black mink coat and twiddling with diamond earrings.
  9. All was dressed up like Bud Flanagan for some reason almost drowning in a raccoon coat.
  10. "I just been up the school," answered Nelly, undoing her coat.
  11. It was therefore with surprise that they saw the coach draw up bearing the Lassiter coat of arms.
  12. Its exceptionally shaggy coat, almost yak-like, covers its face as well as its body, and becomes matted and felted after a long winter.
  13. Vic asked, retrieving the egg from his duffel coat pocket and giving it to Mungo.

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