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Перевод слова

Перевод: clumsy speek clumsy

неуклюжий; неповоротливый; неловкий; безрукий; грубый; топорный; мешковатый; аляповатый; бестактный


  1. Given the propensity of many modern breweries and their designers to impose an overall, single-period "look", however, the Georgian fabric that does exist is often the first thing to be swept away - to make way for a sham-Victorian world of clumsy stained glass and ugly stained hardwood.
  2. She had obviously not abandoned the idea of giving instruction to this clumsy unnatural mother.
  3. Kelly's clumsy handling of the affair has done immense damage to the authority of his own office and he has only succeeded in attracting more attention to the ineptitude with which football is run.
  4. The rather clumsy handling by NIREX of the search for sites to store low- and intermediate-level wastes, together with very recent worries about the import of toxic wastes such as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), are but two examples of such concern in the UK.
  5. The resulting pattern was very disappointing, it looked heavy and clumsy.
  6. His clumsy rage scandalised Dublin's academe.
  7. If some have found his wicket-keeping style too flashy, others see it as artistic; he is a naturally graceful man who would be hard put to look clumsy.
  8. Catchwords are particularly vulnerable when the pages are being trimmed and may have been removed by clumsy cropping.
  9. That was clumsy of me."
  10. I was on my knees, there was orange juice and broken plates and food and coffee everywhere and Sheridan was saying loudly it was my fault for being clumsy."
  11. "Clumsy sod," he said when he got up shaking his fist at Gordon with the big feet who was marching behind him.
  12. He admitted his language was "somewhat clumsy" but declared: "I was talking to an unhappy young man - not the world at large."
  13. B. Sherman did some very clumsy checks - until those white with black/red/blue/green or yellow small checked shirts became part of the smooth uniform in 1971.

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