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Перевод: close speek close

закрытый; замкнутый; уединенный; скрытный; молчаливый; близкий; интимный; тесный; плотный; хорошо пригнанный; облегающий; сжатый; убористый; без пробелов; без пропусков; душный; спертый; тщательный; подробный; пристальный; внимательный; точный; точно соответствующий; скупой; почти равный; строгий; связный; густой;
близко; близ; вплотную; коротко; почти;
конец ; заключение; завершение; закрытие; окончание; огороженное место; школьная площадка; каденция ; каданс ;
закрывать; закрыть; закрываться; притворять; замыкать; замкнуться; заканчивать; кончать; заключать; заканчиваться; договариваться; принять; подходить близко; сближаться; сближаться вплотную; смыкаться; сомкнуть


  1. The SD reported "a previously unprecedented inner solidarity" and close bonds between Front and Heimat following the triumph, which had "everywhere removed a receptive ground for the activity of opposing groups" and produced a hostile climate for any criticism.
  2. Caxton had learned the art of printing from movable types in Cologne, and set up his press in the abbey precincts, close to the chapter house, where he printed books under the patronage of the English kings Edward IV, Richard III and Henry VII.
  3. Hardy lacked the social confidence to make his way in professional circles, and also the formal education that would have enabled him to follow Horace Moule, his close friend from Dorchester days, to university and a career in the church.
  4. I chose a situation close to a hedgerow and was soon scouting around for logs or pieces of wood to cover the trench and to give some sort of protection against shrapnel.
  5. The news of the cost overrun caused Eurotunnel's share price to fall 100p at one stage, although it recovered slightly to close 45p down at 650p.
  6. If the towplane gains speed by flying close to the ground, when it noses up to start climbing, the effect of the wind gradient accentuates the climb so that the glider may easily be left flying close to the ground, in or near the wake and below the tug.
  7. Trent had to stay in close or be shot down, but in close, the big man had the advantage of weight and strength.
  8. The European eagle owl is close to the snowy owl, showing that the bones of its prey remain relatively intact.
  9. The wilds of Dartmoor are close by for climbing, canoeing and lightweight camping expeditions.
  10. Yet their close knowledge of the local community, their personal experience of curriculum innovation with a far-reaching impact like TVEI or the National Curriculum, and, in many cases, their role in the training of company employees on release to college are not usually exploited by companies.
  11. "I always felt close to Freddie in the studio, whether he was there or not, because we worked together so intensively over the years.
  12. Under Josef II, all the libraries throughout Bohemia, with one or two exceptions, were closed, along with the monasteries, and the books were brought here, where the abbot, Vclav Mayer, was a close friend of Josef's.
  13. Even if the man drifted close to sleep, which the stillness encouraged, the union remained unbroken.

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