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Перевод слова

Перевод: cleaner speek cleaner

уборщик ; чистильщик ; мойщик окон; средство для чистки


  1. Rust can be spot treated with acid cleaner using the spray wipe technique augmented by wire brushing.
  2. The large shavings and heavy stuff drop out in the container while the finer dust goes through to the cleaner.
  3. On this side of it there were the dangers of pursuit, the sense, the smell of Ridgery Butts hanging over them; on the other side there were quite other dangers, unknown and therefore more terrifying by far and yet, somehow, alive and real and necessary, cleaner and happier.
  4. Body positioning : Many areas in cleaning are missed because the cleaner did not see the dirt.
  5. Keep the machine clean and free from smells by using a special cleaner, such as the one from Finish, once a month.
  6. The cleaner and better groomed you look the greater will be the impression of efficiency and being in command of the situation which you give to the interviewer.
  7. Cream cleaner should always be poured onto a damp cloth and applied to dry surfaces.
  8. The Plan laid out a 123-point, three-stage strategy to make the air of Los Angeles 70 per cent cleaner by 2009.
  9. Surfaces so treated dry very rapidly to a messy, streaky white finish at which dilute vinegar or acid cleaner should be sprayed.
  10. Surely there are cleaner places inhabited by more wholesome people somewhere on this island?
  11. So to make sure all those extra guests stay healthy this Christmas, it makes sense to add a hygienic cleaner like Domestos Multi Surface Cleaner to your seasonal shopping list.
  12. When it does, there will be plusses other than cleaner air:
  13. First, better vacuum systems have led to the discharge being much cleaner - impurities in the discharge cause the plasma to radiate away more of its energy.

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