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Перевод слова

Перевод: claret speek claret

кларет ; красное вино; цвет бордо; кровь


  1. Stewart's eyes were alight and he was drinking the claret down like water.
  2. They are all painted in a new livery which consists of claret bodysides with a 20mm black line at the waist, banded by two 5mm wide red vermilion lines, with a grey roof, ends, underframe and bogies.
  3. DAWN breaks on Boxing Day in Burnley and groups of bleary-eyed individuals sporting garish claret and blue garb gather on street corners.
  4. "Upon her Play being returned to her, stained with Claret", one of Leapor's most attractive compositions, is a direct response to this rejection.
  5. For the rest of the week, each morning, when tactics were discussed prior to setting out, the talk was not of Goat's Toe, Garry Dog or Grouse Claret.
  6. The claret dun nymph is at home in slow, peaty streams.
  7. "When I got back to my apartment I ate some ham and beans, and opened a bottle of rather rust-coloured claret.
  8. Surkov silently offered me more claret but I indicated a bottle of Perrier.
  9. She appeared to have gone to quite a lot of trouble over the meal, Although, at that time, rationing was still in force, she produced pt, a savoury mince, a surprisingly light lemon souffl and a passable bottle of claret.
  10. Lessingham had placed the bottle of claret on the hearth.
  11. Winemakers often argue over the question whether Cabernet Sauvignon is universally liked because it is the best red grape variety in the world, or because it is the main ingredient in claret the world's most widely available red wine.
  12. A Traditionally mature, full-bodied red wines such as Claret and Port have been drunk with cheese to round off a meal.
  13. Would you believe he took the claret jug Open trophy to a New York jewellers and had an exact copy made up just for me?

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