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Перевод слова

Перевод: chopper speek chopper

нож мясника; нож ; косарь ; колун ; зубы ; лесоруб ; билетер ; тиккер ; вертолет ; пулемет ; прерыватель


  1. "I'm taking the chopper from your helipad here back to London.
  2. He turned to Paddy, "Did you hear about that sergeant who walked into the back of a chopper in Northern Ireland?"
  3. WIELDING a meat chopper, a man slashed and injured two government workers and a policeman yesterday as they tried to evict him from his home in Kowloon Walled City, which the Hong Kong government says is a slum and should be demolished.
  4. John Walker from Oxford asks how to get the Gunship chopper in the air.
  5. LHX Attack Chopper
  6. I want the CEO up here, by chopper, within the hour.
  7. There is a winnower, a bolting machine and a crusher, as well as a root chopper, used to chop turnips etc.
  8. I'll have a police chopper waiting at Frankfurt Airport to fly you to the nearest airfield."
  9. He'd board the chopper when he'd finished his drink, tell the pilot to take him to London Airport.
  10. A new truck and suspension system was designed by the Department and a major step forward taken with new technology in the introduction of electronic chopper control.
  11. What a mess there was to clean up, and I had to hit the cooking pot with my chopper to get Tony's head out.
  12. Straightaway, he made a niche for himself as our left-back, and his fearless diving headers made him a tremendous favourite with the Palace fans, who dubbed him "Chopper" in recognition of his decisive interceptions with his unruly fair hair.
  13. I'd give you a lift to London in the chopper which arrived back last night, but I'm inspecting a certain defence establishment en route ."

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