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Перевод слова

Перевод: chill speek chill

неприятно холодный; холодный; прохладный; бесчувственный; расхолаживающий; закаленный;
холод ; озябание; холодная погода; охлаждение; прохлада ; простуда ; озноб ; лихорадочный озноб; дрожь ; холодность ; прохладность ; закалка ; форма ; кокиль [метал.] ; изложница ;
охлаждать; студить; выстуживать; настудить; слегка подогревать; холодеть; расхолаживать; приводить в уныние; чувствовать озноб; закаливать; отливать в изложницы


  1. Chill for 30 minutes.
  2. City Comment: The chill wind from Lisbon
  3. Remove from heat and chill, stirring occasionally to prevent a skin forming.
  4. When the sun went down and the evening turned chill the cider-heads made for the warmth of the Wheel Tapper bar.
  5. Chill at 7-;9 am intense aching in bones before the chill
  6. He left his cocoon of warmth, closing the folds behind him so that the damp chill of the room would not invade his secret place during his absence.
  7. Congestive headache; dusky face; enlarged lymph glands, even induration; alternating heat and chill; warm head and cold extremities; wants to be fanned vigorously.
  8. Elizabeth felt a thrill now, instead of a chill, at the word "husband"
  9. They were on Alida's face and Alida felt a chill and shifted in her chair, as though Miss Cress, in her navy uniform and bib, were one of the old headmistresses.
  10. Loppe turned his eyes from the victorious, the vibrant, the magnificent figure and looked instead towards the chill, battered walls of Famagusta.
  11. It runs a naked stream and chill.
  12. Then it all went wrong for Hamilton, who dropped four strokes in four holes from the 11th as the chill wind began to take its toll and Davis romped away to win by five strokes.
  13. Mix the fruit and vegetables together in a deep bowl; pour over the dressing; cover and chill for 2-;3 hours.

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