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Перевод слова

Перевод: chicken speek chicken

цыпленок ; курица ; петух ; курятина ; птенец ; юнец ; ребенок ; новоиспеченный ; трус


  1. As you will see in the final reading from Gowie Corby Plays Chicken nobody w ill put up with Gowie's cruel jokes for ever and it's not long before people's patience with him runs out.
  2. "I know where every bone in a chicken is," she once told me, licking her fingers as she removed the umpteenth.
  3. There's something of the chicken and egg situation in this.
  4. "Tasty free-range chicken."
  5. Across the whole end of the building, stretching from the ceiling down into the river, was a curtain of linked metal like thick over-sized chicken wire, presumably originally installed to keep thieves away from any boat in the dock.
  6. The following Trademarks are owned by McDonald's Restaurants Limited: McDonald's, Big Mac, Chicken McNuggets, Filet-o-Fish, McChicken Sandwich.
  7. Pressure fryers are used principally for dishes such as chicken, fish and mushrooms - but not chips - where the requirement is to keep the food moist.
  8. If anyone writes in to say that Francis Bacon noticed the flashes when he got out of his coach to freeze a chicken in the snow, I shall leave the country, suitably disguised, and write piteous letters about being a laughing stock to all, coupled with the name of sundry.
  9. Tender pigeon breast salad; smoked chicken spring roll; dry champagne sorbet; monkfish with basil and crispy ratatouille: all were prepared perfectly.
  10. I have chosen a spiced chicken pilaff, which can be served with a fresh tomato and chilli chutney to liven things up if the evening looks a little dull.
  11. A pig and a chicken were walking together and they saw a huge sign advertising scrambled eggs and bacon.
  12. "Awful isn't it?" said the chicken.
  13. I use basmati whenever I can, and for dishes such as Chicken Pilaf it is superb.

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