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Перевод слова

Перевод: chew speek chew

жвачка ; жевательный табак; жевание;
жевать; пережевывать; разжевывать; пожевать; сгрызать; обдумывать; размышлять


  1. A horse lacking in sensory stimulation (not necessarily a need to chase or chew cows!) is likely to become very depressed or anxious, will possibly go off its food, and even become ill.
  2. Pigs which are kept in a fairly barren environment, except for the presence of other pigs, want to chew things, they want to root, but there is nothing to chew on or root so they chew on the tails of other pigs.
  3. The perfect weather for camping - a still, warm night with a gigantic pastel-coloured moon reflecting dreamily in a glassy loch - is coincidentally the perfect night for the midges to chew your ass off.
  4. Taste it, savour it - don't simply chew and swallow, chew and swallow like a robot, hardly even knowing what you are eating.
  5. Detectives seized eight kilos of coca leaves, the base for cocaine, which were to have been handed out for visitors to chew at the Bolivian Pavilion.
  6. The goat stopped abruptly and tried to chew at the hem of Mrs Hollidaye's brown jacket.
  7. She caretakes for the Lodge - "a chew owns it" - and was amazed, as was I, by the growth that obscured the erstwhile Inn.
  8. They also chew rubber in the fuel system and offer little lubricity.
  9. Nowadays, the machines chew up the hedge trimmings so that they don't require burning; you just plough them in.
  10. Ben's favourite treat is a dog chew, but dog biscuits and bones aren't far behind.
  11. Pigs often lie down and chew on nothing; they may consume their food in ten minutes during the day.
  12. Perhaps it will play with its food bucket or water bin, dig holes, kick the walls, and chew the woodwork.

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