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Перевод слова

Перевод: cheer speek cheer

одобрительное восклицание; приветственное восклицание; одобрительные возгласы; аплодисменты ; веселье; радость ; ободрение; настроение; хорошее угощение;
аплодировать; приветствовать громкими возгласами; поощрять одобрительными восклицаниями; поощрять; воодушевлять; ободрять


  1. Most hotels and similar venues have tracking spotlights and if you have plenty of set-up time, you should be able to cheer up the most basic hotel meeting room.
  2. Pools firms were not so full of festive cheer, warning it could mean the industry cutting 6,000 jobs.
  3. An ironical cheer went up at this and we settled down for the night.
  4. That was something to cheer Christmas 1945, but not quite enough and in the new year I was back again, once more taking the No. 2 bus from Summertown to Carfax.
  5. "Our physio Jim Walker was great for me, tried to cheer me up by explaining that Mark Hughes had the same problem when he returned to Manchester United from Barcelona.
  6. These sort of facts are hardly likely to give Graham any festive cheer, but he can find some solace by taking a swift glance at last season's results.
  7. As the Flamingo herself cast off and manoeuvred into position to sail down the broad river, a wild cheer went up from the emigrants on deck.
  8. A great cheer went up from the crowd as Otley approached daubed with my blue eye shadow and making threatening gestures in the direction of the enemy.
  9. Ironically the biggest cheer came when news broke of the downfall of Mr Patten, Conservative chairman, to the Liberal Democrats.
  10. To Meryl's relief a very normal Pamela Berry plumped her rounded behind on the chair opposite Norman's, and proceeded to cheer him up.
  11. Usually, the last person gets a big cheer.
  12. As dinnertime approaches, we cheer up.
  13. "Kelpie may be safe and sound at this very moment, for all we know, just waiting to be collected from somebody who's found him, so cheer up - do."

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