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Перевод слова

Перевод: cheek speek cheek

щека ; боковая стойка; стойка ; боковая станина; боковая стенка; косяк ; колодка ; щека тисков; бок жилы; чикса [мор.] ; наглость ; нахальство; дерзость ; самоуверенность ; нахрапистость ;
нахальничать; говорить дерзости


  1. Shadwell put his elbow out half-way across the table in a puddle of tea, resting his cheek on the palm of his hand, and stared at me.
  2. Repeat a little further inwards until just below the cheek bone (see Fig. 16).
  3. There was a murmur of congratulations, and Mrs Bradford came round the table to kiss her brother's cheek.
  4. Jack looked troubled, smoothing his lately shaven cheek.
  5. "If you was down here," she said, "I'd bloody slap you for your cheek."
  6. Jess put her hand to her burning cheek, anger overcoming her terror, muttering: "I ain't no servant to thee."
  7. He put the tips of his fingers on her cheek, half fearing that she would disappear.
  8. They had two ways - cheek to cheek for the "smoochy" tunes, and jiving for the lively ones.
  9. Maggie went to Laura and kissed her sister tenderly on the cheek.
  10. She had the cheek to think he might come to Brighton to see her.
  11. Never allow greeting kisses on the cheek to gravitate anywhere near your lips;
  12. How lovely to see you," she cried, rising to her feet and kissing Sarah's cheek.
  13. Mary Ann was blind during the last few years of her life, and it had the quite understandable effect of making her very emotional; she only had one set of grandchildren, and she made such a fuss of them: "My Siddy", she would say, as she stroked her young grandson's cheek with tears in her eyes.

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