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Перевод слова

Перевод: chatter speek chatter

болтовня ; щебетание; журчание; дребезжание; вибрация ;
болтать; трещать; разбалтывать; щебетать; стрекотать; журчать; дребезжать; стучать; стучать зубами; дрожать; вибрировать


  1. The Incas never invented the wheel so the lived-in city must have known similar muffled sounds: soft, trotting llamas and the chatter of people in the streets.
  2. It was her habit to drop in and see her daughter most mornings, and to take tea and chatter, a habit that John Carter frowned upon, as it interrupted Rhoda in her household duties.
  3. Adventures past, or planned filled the fireside chatter as Harry kept the fire roaring with bellows made from a converted siren, whose reed had fortunately been removed.
  4. And so it acquired its contemporary, pejorative connotation of idle chatter.
  5. As a child at Althorp, a big and lonely place where she often had no other children for company, she would go into the kitchen to chatter to the cook and the cleaners, and even the delivery men who dropped in.
  6. Foucault describes how we are living in a world of endless insatiable chatter about sex which feeds on the illusion that if we question Sex enough it will reveal its Truths.
  7. They could hardly have been more different from the swaggering louts of the Hotel Olympik who would chatter among themselves for ten minutes and then saunter towards one as much out of boredom as anything else.
  8. Mr Isaac said he had no idea who had started the chatter, or why.
  9. Midges drawn by the smell of their sweat swarmed round their heads and young Angus began to regret his curiosity, but his father's face was set and dark in a way that froze out complaints, or chatter of any kind.
  10. The headteacher who is in the playground in the morning to greet children and parents and also there in the afternoon to see the children safely away is in a strong position to encourage casual chatter about learning, teaching and the parents' perceptions of the school.
  11. The excited chatter hushed as Charles in his capacity of presenter of the affair, came before the curtain.
  12. Right at the end, as McLeish's teeth were starting to chatter, Davidson confirmed that Penelope Huntley would meet him at eight next morning and he hoped that that wasn't too early, sorry, but the lass had been difficult to tie down to a time.
  13. It perfectly caught the air of feebleness which has characterised months of desultory chatter.

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