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Перевод: charge speek charge

нагрузка ; загрузка ; заряд ; шихта ; калоша [тех.] ; забота ; попечение; надзор ; хранение; лицо, состоящее на попечении; паства ; обязанности ; ответственность ; предписание; поручение; требование; заключительная речь судьи к присяжным; послание епископа к пастве; обвинение; цена ; расходы ; издержки ; занесение на счет; налог ; бремя; нападение; атака ; сигнал к атаке;
нагружать; загружать; обременять; взваливать; насыщать; наполнять; заряжать; поручать; вверять; вменять в обязанность; предписывать; требовать; просить; обвинять; назначать цену; записывать в долг; записывать на счет; атаковать; напутствовать присяжных


  1. The count said it was clear Mona was in charge of the party.
  2. "When Saturday comes, Dennis is the man in charge," he said.
  3. In most cases, it will also enable the hospital to charge your bills direct to PPP.
  4. Wilson had to trot briskly, to keep up with his wife; and he trotted responsibly, because there was no doubt that he was proud of his charge - tall and upright as a Grenadier Guard as she was, and issuing instructions in the way that I imagine a Grenadier might, so that when they were at home her voice would sometimes float right up the road and into our garden, "Wilson!
  5. And if they didn't, the bill would probably still be lower than the price of the service charge.
  6. Plagues were experienced from time to time, particularly where people were crowded together in places like London, which suffered the Great Plague in 1665, followed by the Great Fire in 1666, which the Roman Catholics on the Continent declared was a punishment for the beheading of King Charles I. In the event, the Great Fire enabled King Charles II, who took control in September 1666, to arrange the clearance of the fire devastated area and to rebuild the City of London with Christopher Wren in charge of the plan, so that the mass of narrow streets were replaced, to a great extent, by wider, straighter roads, with some magnificent building, including St. Paul's Cathedral.
  7. Both direct and organise with ease and are prepared to take charge of situations.
  8. But blanket condemnation, or the overall linking of good things like the environment and animal welfare, does lay us open to the charge of thinking in a way that is, at best, wishful and, at worst, woolly.
  9. The hotel has a large indoor swimming pool, plus a sauna and solarium (for which a charge is made).
  10. There could be an Otago triumvirate in charge of the All Black team this year.
  11. Apart from whether or not these exercises are effective (they are certainly found to be enjoyable and relaxing by many pupils), they have given the teacher a secure base from which to work, for the teacher can be very much in charge, dictating the choice of exercise, controlling the length of time for each, selecting the background music where felt to be appropriate or even dictating the moment-to-moment activity within the experience.
  12. In some cases, however, estate agents will do a certain amount of advertising free of charge.
  13. Their Dry Cell Recharger will charge AA, C, D, and PP3 batteries.

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