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Перевод слова

Перевод: chap speek chap

малый ; парень ; ссадина ; трещина ; щель ; челюсть ; пасть ; щека ;
раскалывать; трескаться; образовывать трещину


  1. "Calm down, young chap."
  2. "I tell you this, Mr Millet, two or three years ago I wouldn't have had the time to sit down and chatter about a chap I haven't seen for more than a year.
  3. "Dorothy, do you remember a story in the news some time ago about a chap who had somebody who was homeless living in the shed at the bottom of his garden?"
  4. "I say, old chap, it's an order."
  5. When I was put in charge of the start-up at Fawley at the ripe old age of twenty-nine most of my team were people who were twenty years older than I was and being on shift with a lot of operating people taught me the problems and the realisation that I could learn a hell of a lot from them - the realisation that the chap on the shop floor usually knows far more about what's going on than management does.
  6. "It's only really the chap on the ground who gets to know what's going on, gets chatting - and not just chatting with the management of the firm - chatting with the chap that runs the pretreatment plant, y'know, having a cup of tea with him and generally getting to know the individuals and the characters.
  7. "This is a new chap.
  8. Then two miles back to bed; an evening walk does this poor chap good (not me, the other!), and makes him sleep.
  9. How could you help it if some chap drops in with flowers?"
  10. Chap by the name of Sandham.
  11. The new chap looked about eight years old, but then, so did William.
  12. It wouldn't go in a straight line and kept squeaking, as if it was trying to draw the attention of the customs officers to the person pushing: "Hey, take a look at this chap's bags."
  13. Still, a woman could forget that when a nice upstanding chap like Sergeant Joe called on her.

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