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Перевод слова

Перевод: chair speek chair

стул ; кресло; председательское место; председатель ; кафедра ; профессура ; должность профессора; место свидетеля в суде; рельсовая подушка;
ставить во главе; возглавлять; стоять во главе; председательствовать; поднимать и нести на стуле


  1. Then, if there was no more work to be done that day, he would hide behind the biggest chair in the sitting room and play with his toys.
  2. Bella put her hand on the receiver of the telephone by her chair but, even before she could lift it, she heard someone prise open the bedroom window.
  3. There was a cotton quilt, faded almost to invisibility, upon the bed, Marcus's summer jacket draped on a chair, a shirt folded up, shaving things grouped on a chest of drawers.
  4. "Sit down, ma'am that's it, take the wing chair."
  5. He sank into his Windsor chair by the fire, while Elizabeth washed the eggs.
  6. He will chair a new Transport Working Group which will bring together public transport operators - from both public and private sectors - to discuss transport issues in London.
  7. A friend of mine had their grandmother living with them - I remember her sitting in her special chair, her feet on a footstool, with people getting her this and that.
  8. MICHAEL JACKSON and actor JACK LEMMON will chair a tribute to chimpanzee researcher Dr Jane Goodall in Beverly Hills California, in May.
  9. The chair is flanked by Dr Peter Gold, PPC for Sheffield Hallam, and Earl Russell, a descendant of Bertrand.
  10. Dolly was wedging the doorhandle with the back of a chair and the landlord's wife waited gleefully, scrubbing brush in hand.
  11. A small table might be set out for the three bears' breakfast with three sizes of chair, bowl and so on, together with three sizes of bear for the children to play with.
  12. Thus she was quite close to the bath chair before she realized that its waxen-faced occupant was none other than the old man who, in his eerie fashion, had been so kind in the train.
  13. He settled back in his chair, his tea forgotten.

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