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Перевод слова

Перевод: century speek century

столетие; век ; сотня ; сто долларов; сто фунтов стерлингов; центурия


  1. The church is of 13th century construction with a 15th century tower.
  2. In the nineteenth century the name "essential hypertension" was invented, meaning that in some patients a rise in blood pressure is a protective mechanism, essential in order to overcome narrowing of the arteries and force blood through them to reach vital organs.
  3. Moreover the style faithfully mirrors the puerility of the content: to think that the barons who faced King John at Runnymede were anything like the Cokes or Hampdens who challenged the royal prerogative of the Stuarts in the seventeenth century, or that these in turn had much or anything in common with Sam and John Adams or Tom Paine, is to adopt the notorious "Whig interpretation" of English history in a sort of parody version for grade school.
  4. During the 18th century, there were at least fourteen mills on the Painswick Stream and its tributaries, rising to thirty by the first part of the 19th century.
  5. In the sixteenth century, Roman Catholicism was ripe for reform, but Luther's success depended less on religious conviction than on the determination of the north German princes to be rid of the political influence of Rome.
  6. The wettest town in Britain has been a major centre of the Welsh slate industry since the eighteenth century, and the hills all round it are scarred by quarries and deformed by spoil heaps.
  7. The 20th century may have been slow to arrive in Langtoft, but it is all the better for that, and whilst the village has now caught up with modern times, it remains a haven of peace from the mad pace of town and city life.
  8. The church was part of an original 13th Century Augustinian priory.
  9. Returning to our historical outline and intimately connected with this new notion of female impurity, was the development of an increased rigidity in attitude toward and definition of function within the family group - something which had gradually been happening before the sixth century but which was accelerated and refined by the experience of the exile.
  10. Most players have a battered specimen lying around in a cupboard somewhere; a few sensible types even use one as their main instrument, and as a result will probably retain their hearing well into the next century.
  11. Oakridge is generally associated with an episode in the mid-19th century when local men burnt down what was intended to become Stroud's new isolation hospital.
  12. Heraldic shield of Robert, Earl of Gloucester and Lord of Glamorgan in the 12th century.
  13. A cairn, later surrounded by an Iron Age fort, marks the ancient grave; and at Carinish, before the causeway to Benbecula, are the ruins of one of the oldest churches in Scotland, Teampull na Trionaid, established in the early years of the thirteenth century.

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