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Перевод: case speek case

случай ; положение; дело; обстоятельство; доводы ; доказательства ; факты ; судебное дело; судебная практика; случай в судебной практике; казус ; прецедент ; больной ; пациент ; раненый ; заболевание; история болезни; падеж [грам.] ; чудак ; регистр клавиатуры; оператор выбора; ящик ; коробка ; ларец ; контейнер ; сумка ; чемодан ; футляр ; чехол ; покрышка ; покрышка шины; корпус ; станина ; остов ; кожух ; наружная покрышка; кассета ; гильза ; витрина ; застекленный стенд; наборная касса; крышка ;
класть в ящик; упаковывать в ящик; вставлять в оправу; покрывать; обшивать


  1. What may appear to be one type of soil may have the attachment characteristics of a different layer of soil beneath it in which case the underlying soil dictates the chemical.
  2. Through a system of "Citizen Schools" Highlander slowly helped establish a methodology of non-formal adult education in which the students were able to relate to the subject which they needed to learn - in this case the desire to learn to read for the purpose of being able to vote.
  3. Deposits made by use of Abbeylink are not available for withdrawal within 3 working days in the case of cash deposited or 7 calendar days in the case of cheques, and in each case this excludes the date of deposit.
  4. But is there not a case for saying that we are currently witnessing the historic counter attack of Christian Democracy, which has summoned up the traditions of Eastern Europe to redress the balance of the West?
  5. This weekend, buoyed by the growing Liberal Democrat support and the trend to a hung Parliament in the most recent opinion polls, he is moving on to the next stage: cranking up the case for a coalition.
  6. In the case of Sikh women it was the day-to-day racism which their husbands faced in Britain which indirectly brought them to Britain; with Pakistanis and Bangladeshis it was the racism of Britain's Immigration laws.
  7. In every case careful scrutiny of the precise structure of a public undertaking is necessary to ascertain whether it falls within the exemption.
  8. As in the case of internal parasites, we should now rephrase the whole matter in terms of genes and extended phenotypes.
  9. The case has become even stronger as British people gain more opportunities to participate in foreign lotteries - thus increasing the risk that funds which we could put to good use in Britain will be diverted abroad.
  10. One case per person with no weight restriction.
  11. Obviously, that was not the case but it may be that Viola was so used to people thinking like that about her that she felt a need to assert herself as well.
  12. Only 27 p.c. of those aged between 16 and 24 thought this should be the case.
  13. The newspapers had a field day, as the case caught the imagination of the country.

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