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Перевод слова

Перевод: cartridge speek cartridge

патрон ; заряд ; катушка фотопленки; картридж ; катушка с фотографическими пленками; кассета


  1. Douglas chased the German back over Edinburgh again for a second time, so low that "grannies" fell off chimneys and empty cartridge cases rained in back-gardens.
  2. Gravity feed pump types are acceptable especially those which are cartridge filled.
  3. Modern packaging styles include cartridge dispenser inserts which are to be recommended.
  4. Once you have heard the likes of Linn, Roksan and Pink Triangle in action, it is easy to go mad and find yourself coveting deck / arm / cartridge combinations costing over 2,000.
  5. It can perform flow injection analysis (FIA) and segmented continuous flow analysis (SFA) independently or can combine the techniques on a single test allowing automatic sample pretreatment such as dilution, concentration and/or filtration on-line, The Super Cartridge is a two part heater consisting of a spool of polymeric tubing which droops over a cone-shaped heater.
  6. Pens: Staedler - Lumicolour 315 washable ink pens (water soluble) Staedler - lumicolour 317 permanent ink pens (spirit soluble) Staedler also make a fountain pen (cartridge) useful when using the projector for writing during the class.
  7. Each landing was almost an inch deep in cartridge cases across which the thin track of dried blood still passed.
  8. Is the Action Replay MkVI cartridge worth 35?
  9. He ejected the spent cartridge, felt in his ammo pouch.
  10. Michael Kissane (I think attack of the ol' spidery handwriting) from Co Kerry would like infinite lives pokes for the cartridge version of Rick Dangerous , plus the tape versions of Secret Agent: Sly Spy and Altered Beast .
  11. Theodore Lawton ejected the cartridge, took another one, and fired it over the side.
  12. Cost of cartridge 7.00
  13. All the writing on the cartridge appears to be in Taiwanese.

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