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Перевод: carry speek carry

переноска ; перевозка ; дальнобойность ; дальность полета; положение 'на плечо'; волок ; перенос ; разряд переноса;
нести; носить; пронести; поддерживать; переносить; везти; повезти; возить; перевозить; провозить; проносить; иметь при себе; содержать; заключать; нести тяжесть; потащить; продолжать; удлинять; доводить; влечь за собой; торговать; продавать; держать; передавать; проводить; разнести; достигать; долетать; доходить; попадать в цель; доноситься; брать приступом; добиться; победить на выборах; принимать; проводить закон; быть беременной; приносить; издавать; увлекать за собой; держаться; вести себя


  1. She sipped the wine, picked at the first course and let James Hamilton carry the conversation.
  2. Dad's going to carry her upstairs and tuck her into bed with her bunny hot water bottle, and leave her light on so she don't get scared in the dark.
  3. BHC cut the machine in half and put in a central section to carry more cars and passengers.
  4. But early abortions will carry even more serious ethical problems.
  5. Less than half (45%) said that the off-farm job imposed limitations on the farm and by far the most common reason given was lack of time available to carry out the farm work.
  6. Once it is realized that signals that change cells' behaviour do not really carry intricate information, then it can be seen that any complexity of behaviour lies in the cells' capacity to respond rather than in complexity in the signals.
  7. In 1951 the course was host to some archaeologists who extended the digging started in 1909 in the garden of Harpsden Wood House (overlooking the carry of the 13th hole).
  8. In her reactionary way - for Lili had been brought up by an independent, feminist mother - she thought it all right for men to carry suitcases but not bags of washing.
  9. "The Government is simply not providing the money to allow them to carry out their monitoring duties."
  10. 15.2 hereby agrees that it will use such confidential information solely for the purposes of this Agreement and that it shall not disclose, whether directly or indirectly, to any third party such information other than as required to carry out the purposes of this Agreement.
  11. Similarly do occurs as a lexical verb but also as a purely grammatical element whose function is to carry tense and negation for the lexical verb.
  12. FANTASTIC PLANET: "Carry On Columbus" Malcolm McLaren teams up with Lee Gorman for the theme to the forthcoming Carry On Columbus movie - out now
  13. Beetles that have at least a portion of the adult population overwintering, carry some Laboulbeniales through the winter; when the new adults emerge, the old, infected ones are ready to carry the infection to them.

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