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Перевод слова

Перевод: cardiac speek cardiac

сердечный; кардиальный;
средство, возбуждающее сердечную деятельность


  1. Who will be allocated to cardiac surgery and the chance of a longer life - and who will decide?
  2. More complicated models for the simulation of cardiac arrhythmias are available for nurses specialising in intensive care work.
  3. He helped too in the development of the cardiac defibrillator, without which cardiac surgery could not have progressed and which has saved countless lives.
  4. It was discovered in the cardiac intensive care unit where 10 children were recovering from open-heart surgery.
  5. Though it seems reasonable to assume that the ideal candidate for cardiac transplantation is one who has irreversible cardiac failure and severe symptomatic restrictions despite all treatment but with no requirement for intravenous or interventional support and no secondary end organ damage, in practice many of the patients referred for consideration of transplantation require active support in hospital and have been referred in some cases because they have developed secondary end organ damage.
  6. They lowered blood pressure in patients with hypertension, prevented irregularities of the heartbeat which might be caused by adrenaline, reduced mortality after coronary thrombosis, and, perhaps most importantly of all, they revealed the complexity of the factors which control cardiac activity in man, and the difficulties of predicting the effects drugs will have without first carrying out extensive and detailed experiments, both in the laboratory and in the clinic.
  7. The recourse to respirators and cardiac pace-makers that has made a legal definition of death based upon the absence of breathing and heartbeat outmoded is a good example.
  8. Patients who suffer a cardiac arrest are treated by skilled practitioners.
  9. In some cases the effects of the blockage can be so severe that the heart stops beating altogether and this is called a cardiac arrest.
  10. For many elderly patients it will be decided that cardiac surgery is not clinically indicated.
  11. And how was it possible for a man with cardiac problems to win the greatest tennis crown of them all at Wimbledon in 1975?
  12. Lists available of stroke and cardiac support and rehabilitation groups.
  13. Magdy Yacoub was summoned, and decided the only way to save the man would be to boost his heart with part of a cardiac support system that Yacoub borrowed at an international congress last October.

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