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Перевод слова

Перевод: capture speek capture

взятие в плен; пленение; поимка ; захват ; добыча ; приз ; поглощение;
брать в плен; взять в плен; поймать; схватить; захватить; захватывать силой; схватывать сходство; увлечь


  1. The main objective, if they could not in fact capture Balliol, was to frighten him, give him warning to keep away from Scotland in future, and show Dacre and the North of England generally that if they aided Edward Plantagenet, they were vulnerable to dire reprisals.
  2. Whether any of this espionage achieves much is a matter of opinion but West Germany is never slow to publicise the capture of a few spies as being a serious breach of national security.
  3. In booths where the presiding officer reports a capture, a second poll is made.
  4. An attempt to capture as much sound from a piano as possible.
  5. The frequently mistranslated motto of the Garter, Honi soit qui mal y pense , derives from an incident at the ball to celebrate the capture of Calais when the Countess of Salisbury, either accidentally or otherwise, dropped a garter.
  6. He had been the one to capture her, it was he who had stolen the Friar's sack.
  7. And yet, when disaster strikes, it doesn't matter where it is, or what sport is taking place, the spotlight swivels to capture the emotion, the excitement, the sadness of the moment.
  8. The quality of "capture" which is often said to be the major aim of the department becomes another "lip service" to the outside world, although once again the symbolic content of this truth is multi-vocal.
  9. The storyteller explains her words by referring to the deaths of her father-in-law and husband, as well as the capture of the ark.
  10. It is best to mount the camera on a tripod so that the lens is some two inches above the spawning stone and the camera is placed such that the field of view is sufficiently large to capture both fish during spawning.
  11. Many modern expressions capture this ambivalence, such as being "up in the air" or being "hung up".
  12. The survivors themselves later said that Arafat only wanted more martyrs to capture the attention of the world.
  13. Oliver Cromwell came to Stamford in 1643, following the retreat of the Cavalier army who had tried to capture Peterborough.

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