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Перевод: canine speek canine



  1. But they continue to fight like a pair of miniature canine Kendo warriors.
  2. Thank you for publishing my letter ( Stamps for the National Canine Defence League ) in your June edition.
  3. Our canine consultant, Sally, was only too keen to check out its bona fidos.
  4. This was followed subsequently by great interest in all the smells and scents of the roadside, even the occasional canine encounter - accompanied by the whole world of doggie communication: nose to nose, nose to tail, side by side, tail and body postures, ears up, ears down - their inward mental structure is quite clearly being expressed in a language and through sense perceptions and actions we do not share.
  5. As a practising canine behaviourist, I have seen a steady increase in behaviour problems relating to these two factors: geriatric anxiety and problems with the second dog.
  6. You are right to be concerned about protein levels, but without a very thorough understanding of canine nutritional science, you will end up tying yourself in knots.
  7. It is being run in conjunction with three of the country's major animal rescue organisations - The National Canine Defence League (NCDL), Battersea Dogs Home and Wood Green Animal Shelters.
  8. In the meantime you may find some help from the Canine Epilepsy Support Group - featured in our November News Hound .
  9. The Canine Crisis Council (sponsored by Hugo Summerson MP, Baroness Phillips and Lord Ross of Newport) has called for all dogs to be muzzled in public places and for large dogs to be kept muzzled even in the privacy of their owners' garden.
  10. The gold-edged invitation said dinner jackets for men but didn't give any guidance about canine apparel.
  11. It is reasonable to assume, therefore, that there would be a residue of canine stock, who for one reason or another would be deemed unsuitable to die for the perverted pleasure of the gloating Roman nobility.
  12. They are canine chauvinists.
  13. Andrew and Wendy will miss Pete in Hong Kong, but so intelligent and sensitive a canine is he, they can expect the warmest Yorkshire welcome when they pay a return visit.

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