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Перевод слова

Перевод: Cancer speek Cancer

[имя собственное]
Рак [астр.]


  1. The suspicion that viruses might cause cancer can be traced back as far as 1911.
  2. I have already said how little I knew about cancer, and I now began to brush up on it.
  3. The most significant of these is schistosomiasis (bilharzia), a debilitating disease that can cause liver fibrosis and bladder cancer, which is transmitted to humans by a parasitic worm that requires water-snails as an intermediate host.
  4. She regarded the wife of former Beirut hostage Jackie Mann as a "dear friend' and was heartbroken she could not see her before she died of lung cancer on November 30.
  5. Large bowel cancer is uncommon among Japanese eating their traditional diet, but it was found that, within a generation, Japanese eating the American way had developed a risk of large bowel cancer equal to that of Americans.
  6. It was originally set up to help Queen Alexandra's district nurses but now also supports the Macmillan Nurses, cancer charities and the Gardeners' Benevolent Society.
  7. In the good old days, the days I now call BC, Before Cancer, I had kept these Mafia, these hyenas at bay.
  8. When I visited the area in 1981 I was regaled with fishermen's stories of discoloured fish with scabs and other unusual deformities, of boxes of fish removed from the quayside for testing by the authorities, of radiation in seagulls' eggs, of friends from the same school who had later died unexpectedly of cancer.
  9. The centre's goal has been to enhance the quality of life of people who have cancer, and to possibly allay progression of the disease; to give people some feeling of control over their lives and their healthcare, and to help them cope better with having cancer.
  10. At least this appears to be the conclusion of epidemiological studies about weak electro-magnetic exposure and cancer.
  11. He had to make frequent visits to hospital, for plaster to be changed, for X-rays and check-ups, and as unfortunately further cancer cells had been found in his spine, he had to go periodically to the Christie Hospital again.
  12. Quite apart from radiation hazards in the health care sector, there is concern about the magnitude of the risk of cancer for workers in the nuclear industry itself.
  13. We might be able to design other viruses that deliver tumour suppressor genes to prevent cancer."

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