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Перевод слова

Перевод: calm speek calm

безветренный; тихий; спокойный; мирный; беззастенчивый;
штиль ; затишье; безветрие; тишина ; спокойствие;
успокаивать; успокоить; умиротворять; униматься


  1. Quite the opposite to the calm peacefulness that had existed in Heymouth prior to the flood.
  2. Our best calm day using this method produced a basket of six fish weighing 7lb.
  3. She sits up in bed for a moment, doing some complicated breathing and flexing of the abdominal muscles, learned in yoga classes, to calm herself.
  4. "What is it, Peony?" she asked, with practised calm.
  5. "You shitbag," I then said, in a completely calm and level tone.
  6. Just before midnight she got up and swallowed two aspirins with some water which she hoped would calm her down.
  7. Yet, in the hidden away little resort of Portals Nous, there is an oasis of calm, tranquillity and romance, centred around the Hotel Portals.
  8. In a broader sense, people with a calm, positive and compassionate attitude to life are perhaps better equipped to help solve the many ecological, social and political problems facing the world today.
  9. I often wonder if the rolling activity at such times is happening well below the surface; so far below that there can be no visible signs of disturbance, even in calm water.
  10. He's a strong, calm, controlled man with a scar down his right cheek and a perpetual half-smile on his lips.
  11. None of these goings-on has done anything to calm the Polynesians.
  12. Reassured by his own calm reasoning, Mungo placed the evidence on the mantelpiece.
  13. Companies across the country will be subject to a uniform rate set by central government, although Mr Eggar is attempting to calm these fears by pointing out that a special case has been made for small firms.

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