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Перевод слова

Перевод: cab speek cab

такси; кеб ; наемный экипаж; экипаж ; извозчик ; кабина водителя; будка машиниста; будка ; шпаргалка ;
ехать в такси; ехать на извозчике; пользоваться шпаргалкой


  1. Clearly, at the outset agreement must be reached between the prison authorities and the CAB to ensure that the bureau's code of confidentiality is not broken.
  2. Each outside sale must have the agreement of the local NACAB area office to ensure that the purchaser will not harm any local CAB or bring the service into disrepute by poor use of the information.
  3. Speculation as to the causes of queues has included a greater public awareness of the CAB, growing numbers in receipt of state benefits, unemployment and the availability of credit, the rising divorce rate, and a complex legislative programme that has affected clients detrimentally.
  4. The CAB welfare worker cannot predict exact dates but by looking at a client's circumstances he or she can give some indication.
  5. The CAB invests considerable time and energy in improving the standards of advice-giving for the seven million enquiries each year.
  6. The new classification was to focus on drawing together items in the CAB information system by client-situation, so that seemingly disparate things, such as holiday insurance and local animal-care centres, would be brought together as part of the information a client may need when going on holiday.
  7. The entrance to the cab is wide and the view in all directions is good, though the cab side-pillars could be narrower.
  8. "On the other hand, it seems quite possible that someone could have joined your husband in the cab, in the course of the journey - perhaps with your husband's consent.
  9. CAB treatment, however, of client problems has changed beyond recognition.
  10. They are discussing how CAB training might form a recognised part of the Education and Training Programme (ETP) and how it could be funded as such.
  11. A gale of easy laughter closes the QA and we leave the magazine's offices together, the critic due at a screening uptown; I offer to help hail a cab but Kael prefers the services of the doorman at the neighbouring Algonquin Hotel.
  12. In 1984 a survey of schools and youth training schemes was carried out in Pembroke by a CAB worker.
  13. 540-;1000 lever outside cab

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