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Перевод слова

Перевод: butt speek butt

толстый конец; приклад ; окурок ; навес ; торец ; комель ; сигарета ; ягодицы ; удар ; задница [груб.] ; петля ; стык ; притык ; стрельбищный вал; стрельбище; полигон ; цель ; мишень ; предмет насмешек; обух ; большая бочка; бочка ; хвостовик (автосцепки) ;
ударять головой; бодаться; натыкаться; соединять впритык; выдаваться; высовываться


  1. One typical story recalled the fate of the apocryphal Lupescu, who was the alleged inventor of several scurrilous stories with the Comrade as their butt and who was supposed to supplement his income with hard currency or Western cigarettes given him by his appreciative audience.
  2. The complete rifle (wooden components) made at Wolverton cost: butt - 2 cuts at 3d, stock - four cuts at 3d: total cost 1s 6d (7. p), which included sanding, for which a machine was specially adapted, and soaking in linseed oil.
  3. Thinking to steal a march on watchful eyes I set off from the Cross Inn (not long established as the only hotel and bar) at 6.15 a.m. and headed for Port of Ness and the Butt of Lewis.
  4. They went without a hope and they came back, it seemed, without a friend, perilously close to reaching mother-in-law status as the comedians' favourite butt.
  5. In his right hand he held the barrel of a Kalashnikov rifle, its wooden butt resting on the roadway.
  6. These were the portion that fitted into the metal block and atop the trigger guard, due to this section being of such a geometric shape ie three radii and tapered, and the hole through the butt, which was counterbored some 3/4 of its length.
  7. I have tried most of them, apart from the downright ridiculous ones, mainly from curiosity, but still find that a simple clip-on bobbin, or a good butt indicator, is best.
  8. The butt of the first swathe is then raked about 9 inches inwards (towards mid-field) to clear the edge of the final or "back" swathe.
  9. We had a considerable degree of pity for Mrs Sugden, whose feeble-mindedness made her the butt of her husband's callous disposition.
  10. Given good weather it could be ready to mow by late June with a lush green butt, with heads formed but not yet ripe.
  11. Worst of all was the horrifying anti-semitism which was fashioned as a vital support for Great Russian chauvinism; the Jews, long discriminated against - to the tune of 650 legal restrictions on their activities - were used in the great pogroms of the late nineteenth century as the butt of national policy.
  12. The dead were named last night as Mr Paul Gordon Butt, 29, a securities dealer, Mr Thomas Casey, 49, a door keeper, and Danielle Carter, 15, whose eight-year-old sister was among the injured.
  13. It was very much closer when he accompanied his "Right, Boyo" with a jab in my ribs with his rifle butt.

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