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Перевод слова

Перевод: burst speek burst

взрыв ; разрыв ; пулеметная очередь; вспышка ; порыв ;
взрываться; разрываться; взрывать; разрывать; вскрывать; лопаться; лопнуть; прорываться; ворваться; разражаться; разламывать; разрушать


  1. For instance, he might burst out laughing on being told of a tragedy, or cry at joyful news.
  2. Some of the Commandos could not resist the temptation and burst into the Horst Wessel song, rounding it all off with three hearty cheers, much to the amazement of the German prisoners.
  3. At this point she burst into tears and blamed herself for the break-up of their relationship.
  4. The meal was peaceful, but when it was over the doors burst open and in surged a crowd of painters and models who hadn't been invited.
  5. So, when they'd finished performing I've Got My Mojo Working, I pointed out to David that these people didn't really appreciate their music and David, being the sensitive soul that he is, burst into tears.
  6. The ridiculousness of the situation made him smile and, throwing his head back, he burst into peals of laughter.
  7. In an astonishing burst of enthusiasm for biotech last year, 60 such companies raised a total of 3.7 billion in the public equity market.
  8. The River Frome had burst its banks after torrential rain and the Rovers' ground was absolutely waterlogged.
  9. Characteristically, after this burst of bitter humour he added that "it was quite nice" even though he found his host "about as intelligent as a mule and as human as a boa-constrictor".
  10. But cistern-drenched wheat and barley had burst yellow over the plain of the Messaoria, and the sickles twinkled and chimed as, booted and belled, harvesters strode to their work among serpents.
  11. Her head throbbed like a burst boil, but there was nothing there
  12. When asked about the "meaning" of his Foundation cycle, he was apt to burst into a song which he had adapted from the Gilbert and Sullivan opera, Patience: "Success is not a mystery, just brush up on your history, and borrow day by day/ Take an Empire that was Roman, and you'll find it is at home in/ All the starry Milky Way."
  13. The boy in question burst in noisily from the street, chanting obscene words.

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