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Перевод слова

Перевод: burden speek burden

ноша ; тяжесть ; груз ; тоннаж ; бремя; нагрузка ; накладные расходы; пустая порода; тема ; суть ; основная мысль; припев ; рефрен ;
нагружать; обременять; отягощать; тяготить


  1. He looked gloomy, weighed down by the burden of his chosen profession.
  2. In Frome in the late 18th century, we may remember, the women had died young, leaving their bereaved husbands with youngsters to care for; here in London that burden was to fall on young widows instead.
  3. It's a burden, that's what it is.
  4. It was like a burden had gone.
  5. To keep aware of both doing and feeling helps to clarify in any situation whether the main burden is physical, financial or psychological.
  6. This time, let's share the burden.
  7. We have reduced the burden of National Insurance on low earners.
  8. The question had to be asked: could the purchase of new trains produce savings sufficient to cover the cost of servicing their capital costs as well as reducing the burden on the PSO?
  9. But the government shielded consumers from the worst excesses of inflation by reducing the community charge burden, and businesses kept their price rises down to one of the lowest levels for 24 years.
  10. The business side of partnership is well placed to significantly relieve the physical and psychological burden upon many schools.
  11. "What was that all about?" asked Burden.
  12. The Conservative party was elected in 1979 on a promise to reduce the overall level of taxation and, in addition, to shift the burden of tax to some extent from income (direct tax) to expenditure (indirect tax).
  13. If it is run on grass and preceded by stretching and loosening exercises, it will not put an intolerable burden on a healthy youngster.

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