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Перевод слова

Перевод: bunch speek bunch

связка ; пучок ; пук ; гроздь ; пачка ; группа ; компания ; банда ; стадо; сгусток ;
образовывать пучки; образовывать гроздья; сбивать в кучу; сбиваться в кучу; собирать в сборки


  1. Berried holly was rather scarce and dear this year and their bunch was not very large.
  2. "It was just a bunch of mates having a drink."
  3. Within an hour Allan, Donald the smith, and the Logan brothers had set off down the strath to Weem with the petitions in a leather wallet, to add to the already thick bunch in James's strong-box, and Cameron and James had got horses from a sympathizer in the village and rode off towards the narrow glen of Keltney.
  4. do not always give the job to the best of a bad bunch, but investigate where the recruiting methods and job specification may have gone wrong and start again;
  5. It is far easier to buy some extra flowers or to pick an additional bunch from your garden, than to explain to someone that you would like to take some of your gift home with you in order to give it back to them again at a later date!
  6. Then it was on to my bike and off to spend the rest of my day banged up with a bunch of sullen, spoilt brats in order to make Clive Phillips even richer than he already was.
  7. Emily picked up a bunch of seed packets, bound with an elastic band.
  8. Many of our younger players have inherited his sense of enjoyment and that explains why our heads don't drop and why we're such a happy bunch even though we're near the foot of the Premier League.
  9. Former presenter David Hamilton last night blamed Top Of The Pops' demise on the "bunch of nobodies" who host the show.
  10. You gentlemen here, forgive me, but you are just a bunch of naive dreamers.
  11. We'd ring up the police, who would take a bunch of these youths into the same exit and do'em over.
  12. He came in carrying a bunch of black grapes, and sat down on the edge of the bed.
  13. Cantona was high class and the best of a drab United bunch in the prestige friendly, in honour of Eusebio, against Benfica, who won with a late goal from Rui Costa.

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