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Перевод слова

Перевод: budget speek budget

бюджет ; финансовая смета; сумка и содержимое; запас ;
предусматривать в бюджете; ассигновать; составлять бюджет


  1. CITES, which is run on a budget of less than 3m a year, is facing a financial crisis.
  2. The solution to the complexities of the system and the growing complexity of case law adjudication was to abolish the notion of additional allowances completely, replacing them with loans from a limited budget and no right to independent appeal.
  3. Which chancellor resigned in 1947 after accidentally leaking budget details?
  4. She is considered incredibly bright, capable, and is said to have been the prime mover in persuading Mr Lamont to reduce tax on new cars - a popular move in last month's Budget statement.
  5. Rochester, New York-based Rochester Telephone Corp's RCI Long Distance has signed a definitive agreement to buy Budget Call Long Distance Inc, a long distance service provider with operations in Pennsylvania that currently does 2m a month.
  6. By 1983 the health budget had increased from 9.5 billion in 1979 to 15.5 billion.
  7. The cost is Germany's ballooning budget deficit.
  8. McElroy argues that as an ice sheet advance begins (for reasons unconnected with the carbon dioxide "budget") there is increased erosion both by the glaciers and by water running on the continents into the falling seas.
  9. For maximum benefits from the chart be conservative about your income budget forecast and the opposite about your payments forecast.
  10. Sadly, the GP practice budget proposals are a diversion from this.
  11. Dealers respond to the market reaction on Norman Lamont's Budget
  12. Mr Brown has even been sounding a little more conciliatory towards Mr Wilson over this year's budget, when the state will have to close a 10 billion deficit.
  13. It is imperative that provision for suitable hospital discharge procedures is an integral part of contracts negotiated by district health authorities and GP budget holders, and is also included in requirements to be made of self-governing hospitals.

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