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Перевод слова

Перевод: brutal speek brutal

жестокий; отвратительный; зверский; безжалостный; бесчеловечный; звериный


  1. The result was mass disorder, attacks by masterless mobs on anything that stood for authority or wealth, and the army's brutal reaction.
  2. Lord Justice Salmon tried to elucidate the sort of tendencies that might be caught, such as "(1) to induce erotic desires of a heterosexual kind, or (2) to promote homosexuality or other sexual perversions, or (3) drug-taking, or (4) brutal violence".
  3. He saw them laughing carelessly together, ruttish and brutal in their casual coupling.
  4. a system is abolished only by pushing it into hyperlogic, by forcing it into an excessive practice which is equivalent to a brutal amortization
  5. When the story opens the Marquis, Darnay's father, and his wife are both dead, and the twin brother, Darnay's uncle, has succeeded to the title and estate; he proves himself to be even more callous and brutal, beneath a polished surface of "civilization" (his face is "like a fine mask"), than his brother, and hates his nephew for his liberal principles and determination not to accept the inheritance of the estate whilst the state of French society is still so cruelly inequitable.
  6. MR NORMAN Tebbit's decision to raise the stakes in the Conservatives' Hong Kong immigration row with a brutal attack on the Cabinet's policy last night convinced some MPs that he is preparing a bid for the party leadership when Mrs Thatcher retires.
  7. Tolkien's contention was that something he called "the ulsterior motive" - the bogey of Lewis's Ulster background - lurked beneath the surface of his imagination, and rose when he was off his guard to make him brutal in manners, crude or illogical in thought.
  8. The day was brutal.
  9. The big Healey was on its way out through simple old age and the "small" Cobra was being superseded by the even more brutal 427 as Selby fought aerodynamic mediocrity with good old-fashioned cubic inches.
  10. (Lift-off in an Alphajet was less brutal than my ham-handed early attempts on the TBM 700.)
  11. Seven hundred boys, almost a third of them sons of the clergy, lived their "ultra-Spartan" lives in an institution which combined frequently brutal discipline with a consistently meagre diet.
  12. For how long can Mrs Thatcher continue to recognise China's present position, in spite of martial law in Lhasa and a series of brutal attacks on peaceful demonstrations by Chinese troops, in that HMG recognises the Chinese occupation of Tibet?
  13. THE FIRST truly realistic, not to say brutal, Hollywood look at WWII.

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