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Перевод слова

Перевод: broad speek broad

широкий; открытый; обширный; просторный; свободный; терпимый; явный; ясный; ясно выраженный; главный; основной; общий; грубый; неприличный;
широко; открыто; вполне; свободно; с резким акцентом;
широкая часть; девка ; баба


  1. This chapter defines planning as a broad process which involves the establishment of objectives and the formulation, evaluation and selection of policies, strategies and actions needed to achieve the objectives.
  2. The implications of applying such broad principles were breathtaking in their scale.
  3. In front, a broad cab-drive, also balustraded, swept round in a wide semi-circle setting off the entrance to perfection.
  4. He has large, wide-set, brown liquid eyes and a broad, ready smile.
  5. The significance of this result is that broad bean pollen is completely devoid of carotenoids, and some of these chemicals are the physiological precursors of vitamin A.
  6. The young woman had visited both the museum and the castle before and had looked down from their heights onto the epidemic of streets below, between the top of the hill and the broad curve of the Bay.
  7. Broad, well-wooded valleys mark its character.
  8. Wellington boots are advisable, but they were not absolutely necessary even in this exposed situation, and we were each able to step onto the back of a float, walk forward along its non-slip top and climb the broad steps incorporated in their struts to enter the wide twin cabin doors.
  9. As we began to develop a feasible research design we had in mind initially the broad aim of developing a clearer picture of the referral and investigative work of the team.
  10. The late Triassic forms from Argentina and Brazil ( Scaphonyx ), India and Scotland ( Hyperodapedon ), dating from 205 to 190 million years ago, have broad skulls, no palatal teeth, and one groove and no lingual teeth on the maxilla.
  11. A broad distrust of previously accepted means of representation has led these novelists to put a high premium on distortion, disjunction and disruption.
  12. Within this broad sector, the opportunities represented by retailing and distribution are of major importance.
  13. The redevelopment of Liverpool Street involved the closure of the much decayed ex-North London Railway terminus at Broad Street, and the diversion from 30 June of the remaining North London Line services to the City via the newly constructed Graham Road curve into Liverpool Street using dual-voltage Class 313 units.

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