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Перевод слова

Перевод: brief speek brief

короткий; недолгий; лаконичный; краткий; сжатый; грубый; отрывистый;
краткое письменное изложение дела; сводка ; резюме; инструкция ; папское бреве;
резюмировать; составлять краткое изложение; поручать вед`ение дела в суде; инструктировать; кратко инструктировать


  1. The hour of death and mode of dying, however brief and fragmentary in relation to eternity, thus acquired a fateful significance - fateful indeed, if the death of an unrepentant sinner should prove to be the broad gateway to everlasting torment.
  2. Upon return to their base the Captain disappears to the Ops Room to brief them about the incident, whilst his team once again prepare the equipment.
  3. "This brief account of the Natural History of the golf course is the result of two visits made by Nigel Phillips and me in July 1986.
  4. In A Brief History of Weston Hall (1927) he brings together a great deal of information about this unusual house.
  5. After a brief pause for thought, Stuart Baxter said, "No can do, Vic.
  6. It had come out of the blue: a brief note from her, saying that she had to undergo a surgical operation.
  7. The engineering brief was to achieve a 10 per cent gain in performance over the already rapid Turbo R, implying a top speed target of well over 150mph and 0-;60mph acceleration in just over six seconds - a tough task, even allowing for the aerodynamic gains in the switch to the coupe shape, in a vehicle weighing at least two-and-a-half tons.
  8. It was a gloomy place, almost a replica of the film set for Brief Encounter .
  9. As he imposed his geometrical grid of drainage ditches across the newly filled-in estuary of the Traeth, it occurred to Madocks for a brief, but anxious, moment that the whole project resembled "Dutch gardening"; but in no time the poet Shelley arrived to help him with his endeavours, declaiming on the "poetry of engineering".
  10. While this necessarily brief look at the IDB support for export development will give an overview of the services we offer, it cannot hope to provide a detailed catalogue of the full range of support schemes which are available.
  11. They are the product of a specific brief by land owners or developers, detailed "design" by architects within that brief and approval by the local authority.
  12. A brief history
  13. At many shows they actually supported themselves by playing a brief set of their usual material.

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