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Перевод слова

Перевод: breeder speek breeder

тот, кто разводит животных; производитель ; аппаратура для воспроизводства ядерного топлива


  1. Three years later a similar investigation had been carried out around Dounreay, the site of two experimental fast breeder reactors on the north coast of Scotland.
  2. Sunday morning sees us on the way to one of the prettiest corners of the state of Vermont to visit top breeder's herd VT Pond View.
  3. Alicia says you should spend time talking to a breeder before diving in to buy one, to be sure it is the breed for you.
  4. At the other end emerge still useful uranium, for potential reuse in reactors, plutonium, which, according to its quality, can be used for either bombs or as fuel in a fast breeder reactor (see Chapter Three); and a cocktail of liquid waste products.
  5. I was told by their breeder that I wasn't giving them enough protein.
  6. Care should be taken to buy from a breeder with a reputation for breeding good temperaments
  7. More recently, the demand for fast breeder reactors has seemed less urgent as worldwide supplies of uranium have become more plentiful.
  8. The first time Party Politics' breeder David Stoddart sold him, the horse was "spun" for a breathing defect and returned under a cloud from the Doncaster Sales.
  9. These range from fashion to fairground operations; music to lighting design - the scheme even sponsors a cow chiropodist and a breeder of edible snails.
  10. Dog CC was given to Cuidado Dirty Harry of Marsden, owned by Vaughn Martin and handled by his UK breeder, Mrs Kate Wood.
  11. "Duckie" Weston, a renowned local breeder, was an Aylesbury follower in his time, and one confused bird did waddle aimlessly around the ground a few seasons ago, but according to the club's chief executive, Tony Graham, "they are a devil of a mascot to parade about."
  12. The first "fast breeder" reactor was developed in the United States in the 1950s.
  13. This kennel was owned and run by the famed German breeder Frau Marion Bruns.

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