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Перевод слова

Перевод: breath speek breath

дыхание; дуновение; веяние; вздох ; жизнь


  1. As one, they each took a deep breath.
  2. Cetaceans breathe through a blowhole at the top of their heads, enabling them to surface to take a breath while still swimming.
  3. Take a deep breath and think again.
  4. He sucks air for breath.
  5. Weakness was more of a problem, and lack of breath.
  6. She leaned back in her chair whistling softly under her breath, then remembered that it was vulgar for a woman to whistle.
  8. Underlying the practice of feng shui is a recognition of the function of the energy which the Chinese call "ch'i", or "the breath of nature", in the health and well-being of a person, and it is the fundamental principle underlying the ancient practice of acupuncture.
  9. I was conscious, too, of his fine, tanned hand holding the pencil, and of the occasional play of warm breath from his mouth, wholesome as home-baked bread, though he was a heavy smoker - much heavier than I. ft was I who introduced him to the Bisontes brand, a Spanish version of Lucky Strike, with a similar "toasted" flavour.
  10. Louis Untermeyer, Robert Frost's correspondent who was to be an influential anthologist, wrote of Poems (The Freeman , 30 June 1920) that "Eliot cares more for his art than he does for his attitudes"; and that "the exaltation which is the very breath of poetry - that combination of tenderness and toughness - is scarcely ever present in Eliot's lines".
  11. "I heard the shots and held my breath.
  12. We feel the savage assault and the cold breath of the infinite that causes this frost of many colours and the stilling of the images, with its beauty.
  13. The sentences must have a rise and full, an ability to flow onwards with pauses for breath, like full stops, or a moment's silence for the onlookers to assess what has just been stated and to understand its purpose and place in the design before the dance continues.

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